Rod Furniss

Rod Furniss

The Idaho budget process is the envy of many states. When I attend tax and insurance meetings nationwide, I’m frequently asked how our Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee works and how we get through so many budgets. Under Idaho’s Constitution, we must meet each year as a legislative body to pass a balanced budget. Agency budgets are reviewed in detail, voted on in committee, and debated on the floors of the House and Senate. If a budget passes, it goes to the governor for a signature. Let’s look at a budget we heard this week.

Idaho Public Television and its multiple services matter for a still-rural state like Idaho with large areas relying on its broadcast signal. The Joint Finance Committee reviewed this agency’s budget and heard a presentation from its director. I was impressed with the financial competence and services delivered.

Rep. Rod Furniss represents District 31, which includes Fremont, Jefferson, Clark and Lemhi counties.

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Old Crow

Honestly, they can cut PBS, it's nothing but global warming propaganda and TDS. Put the money in upgrading the transmitters so we can get channels like Grit, Defy, Court tv, without the signal cutting out for weeks. I even tolerate Bounce and This.....they ate black owned channels and I really don't know what they are doing in Idaho, but at least they sometimes show

Movies made within the last decade. NBC, ABC , and CBS are pretty much worthless as far as movies go and the Movies channel is stuck in the 50s. So ya......antenna tv pretty much sucks so I

Have to watch everything on my phone. Let's get some TV up in here.


Idaho's budget process is the envy of libertarians in many states.

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