You are now permitted to publish the Big Sky Conference football and volleyball standings. This winter, you are also granted permission to publish Big Sky women’s and men’s basketball standings.

I write this letter to thank Claudia Ortega for her effort in trying to rally all of us. 

Trump supporters (Alt-Right/GOP) have lost all claim to patriotism. Their support for one, single individual out weighs their duty to protect and defend the Constitution.

I just reread the Thursday, Sept. 26, ISJ article on Rep. Tammy Nichols of Middleton; then spent a few minutes on her Facebook page hoping to understand the underlying philosophy that sustains her attacks on Boise State University and apparently the entire higher education system in the Unit…

It appears that we (as a Nation) have been tried to our patience end at his point in history, as we experience too much continued pain in our daily interactions with “Hate”. Not only as individuals but as a Nation seeking freedom from the oppressions of “fear and chaos”, as it appears to be …

One of Trump’s latest outbursts is that of a power-hungry, sick and narcissistic person! His “tweet” saying that if he were to be impeached there would be civil war in this country are the words and scare tactics of a fascist dictator, NOT a president! There is enough meaning in those words …

According to the many panicked, the sky is falling, the world will stop spinning, etc., news reports about not having the Idaho “Star” card I have questions. The article on Oct. 6 states I cannot “access federal buildings.”

I just read the article in the Idaho Statesman with Sen. Jim Risch’s comments on the reality and severity of climate change. I am glad he has joined the vast majority of the scientific community in recognizing this challenge facing America and the rest of the world.

As a resident in the neighborhood of Bonneville Elementary School, and the probability of demolition of this building, I feel compelled to offer some advice to NeighborWorks Pocatello as I have some knowledge, albeit limited, when it comes to asbestos and its abatement.

I am accustomed to being bored by the nearly weekly opinion columns by Dustin Manwaring while being offended by Cal Thomas. However, Manwaring's Oct. 3 article jolted me.

Although the effort to recall the Assessor and Commissioners was unsuccessful it was a very worthwhile exercise since it exposed the many inequities in the property tax system as well as exposing the shortcomings of some elected officials.

Idaho workers have always embraced technology and change. We want to find ways for innovation and technological progress to benefit everyone in Idaho.

I support Chris Stevens for Seat 1 on the Pocatello City Council. The election takes place Tuesday, November 5, and I urge everyone to vote.

I have volunteered with the recall effort since the beginning and worked closely with Claudia Ortega. I write this in response to the LTE by Leah Murphy.

Chris Steven’s impressive biography illustrates the experience that would make her an effective member of the Pocatello City Council. She has been a teacher, administrator, entrepreneur, organizer, grant writer, counselor, and program director.

I’m complimenting the Idaho State J. for having run the guest columnist editorial written by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Chairman Ladd Edmo.