If you remember the pervasive answering machine tapes commercial from the 1980s — the one with the rap lyrics “Wait for the beep. You gotta leave your name. You gotta leave your number.” — then you’re likely part of a dwindling number of Americans still using voicemail.

NAMPA — Local developer Chance Hobbs is working to build low-income senior apartments on the site of Nampa’s old Mercy Hospital on 16th Avenue South, which was vacated years ago and demolished after a 2016 fire.

Yeti’s Post appeared seemingly out of nowhere in downtown Driggs; the donut shop’s owners, Seth and Brook Nelson, took over the space on May 18 and after fevered painting and renovation opened for business in the second week of June.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — If you already subscribe to digital services like Netflix to binge on TV shows and Spotify to groove to an endless mix of music, the auto industry might have a deal for you: Subscribe to your next car as well.

NEW YORK (AP) — Nike's "Just Do It" campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick is a rare example of a brand jumping into a divisive issue uninvited. Still, like it or not, American companies are increasingly being pulled into the country's political and cultural wars.

Equity markets have been on a roller coaster since President Donald Trump’s announcement of wide-ranging tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. The news also brought swift rebuke from world leaders and resulted in tit-for-tat political posturing.

Many of us have been victims to identity theft, but now more than ever you can fight against those trying to take what is yours. Consumers will soon have a new free tool to help protect themselves against scammers who would steal their financial information.

Last week I wrote about an interview featuring John Bogle, who founded The Vanguard Group and created the first index mutual fund. He discussed the investing industry’s practices and how fees can erode a nest egg significantly.

As the world gets more competitive, individuals who are good at the art of self-promotion seem to be at the forefront of everything. For many, promoting themselves is a very uncomfortable process.