As you are aware, our family along with two other families attended a meeting of the Inkom City Council on May 16 to discuss land use issues that had the potential of creating substantial fiscal hardships on the effected property owners under the ordinance in effect at that time.

The Council and Mayor Jolley gave us the opportunity to discuss our concerns in depth at the meeting and both the council and the parties involved were given ample opportunity to discuss the issues, share concerns, and ask pointed questions in an attempt to find a path forward that could work for all involved.

After our testimony at the council meeting, we felt that we were provided a fair and open opportunity that had the potential to find a path toward resolution, and after receiving a registered letter today signed by Mayor Jolley we learned that we were correct. The council and the mayor conducted a special meeting on May 23 to discuss the aspects of our concerns which resulted in a resolution that was fair to all.

More important, in my opinion, is that the end result represented all that is right in local government, which sadly may not be the case in national politics. Good people seeking a resolution that is based on fact, common sense, purpose and a willingness to listen and not judge resulted in an opinion that all could be proud of and was based on fairness and good old fashion common sense.

Having served as the elected sheriff of Bannock County for many years and after having served as a Pocatello City Council member in the distant past, I knew in my heart that we were so much better than the current national discourse and divisiveness, and I thank all involved for having proven me right.

Small town America is alive and well in Inkom, Idaho, and while we may not be perfect, we can all know that in the end, good people, shaking hands, listening to others, and being willing to find resolutions based on mutual respect and a common purpose can create meaningful results.


Bill Lynn

Inkom, Idaho