I'm nearly fifty years old, yet I've never witnessed anything like the shocking events that took place in Washington DC on January 6. That reprehensible display of lawlessness will forever be etched in many minds as one of the most infamous moments in U.S. history.

Yet as bad as it was, one can only imagine how much worse things would have gotten if it had been a black lives matter peaceful protest. Based on the events of 2020, we can reasonably deduce that a number of police officers would've taken a knee in solidarity with the mob, everything of value that wasn't chained down would've been stolen, the Capitol and the historic art within would've burned to the ground, and politicians far and wide would've praised the insurrectionists for "standing up for justice." Instead, the rioters were stopped in their tracks (one being shot dead), relatively little damage was done to the building, and government business resumed within mere hours.

Citizens can be relieved that there's no white privilege in America, or the day would've been much darker.

Lance Wells,

Twin Falls