Hot pools

Visitors relax at the hot pools at Lava Hot Springs.

LAVA HOT SPRINGS — The famous hot pools within this small resort community have reopened following a temporarily closure due to a travertine rock falling from a natural wall in the vicinity, officials said.

Devanee Morrison, executive director of the Lava Hot Springs Foundation, said nobody was hurt when the large rock fell at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, but the facility was closed until Saturday morning.

Morrison said the Idaho Transportation Department, which controls the easement in which the wall is located, responded immediately to the scene to clean up the debris and investigate the wall’s integrity.

“They’re looking into that wall in full,” Morrison said. “I don’t know specifically what their plans are.”

Morrison said the rock landed within the hot pool boundaries but no customers were in the vicinity.

“We were fortunate it was a hot day and we didn’t have a whole lot of patrons — probably seven to nine people inside,” Morrison said.

Morrison said the rock landed on a well and pump, and officials cleaned out the well and made certain the pump functioned properly.

The hot pools had also been closed prior to June 13 due to the COVID-19 crisis. Morrison said signs have been posted informing customers that they are responsible for their own health. She said the foundation recommends vulnerable populations and people who are sick not attend. She said the foundation encourages social distancing but has not been policing the hot pools.

The hot pools also have extra sanitation protocols in place and encourage customers to wear masks in common areas and lawns, though masks are not allowed in the water.