What does it cost Idaho taxpayers to have Idaho Senator Risch fly weekly back and forth to Washington D. C. to do nothing for Idahoans except spend money uselessly. It’s time to stop blaming others for what Idaho politicians are causing to happen to Idaho voters and workers during a Pandemic and an economic WORLD slowdown. The things happening in Idaho are a direct result of wrong actions by local politicians for far too long and the fanatical right wing extremists that still back the treasonous actions of the Jan. 6th, insurrectionists that stormed the Capital building trying to overthrow our existing government built on Freedom.

The obstructionist Party that’s been established since then, after the last legal election of the American voters, are not helping Idahoans survive the Pandemic and don’t seem to care about our struggles to maintain our freedoms and the way of life we’re accustomed to living. It’s far past the time that the same old boys govern the state of Idaho against the will of the people. It’s time to overthrow even the threats of any dictatorship that past term politicians represent for the future of any state where we need to control our own lives and not be taxed out of our family homes. The obstructionists have pilfered pockets for too long and it’s time for us to unite and control our lives once again, with representatives who voice our needs and help all Idahoans to live free from prejudice and able to vote Senator Risch and his cronies out of office once and for all. Use your right to vote while we can still have a voice that counts, before they take that right away along with our established way of living in Idaho, as free American citizens united.

The grandchildren for the last twenty years, have seen America at war in Afghanistan and had parents die there. We don’t need to be at war any longer on foreign shores. But we need to protect our own country from Urban Terrorists and any violent takeover of our existing government, from insurrectionists and obstructionist politicians. Stop the violence and killings and vote for truth in governing for all people.

Danny Higgins,