New trail near PMC

Portneuf Health Trust and Portneuf Greenway Foundation officials celebrated the completion of a new 10-foot-wide paved trail near Portneuf Medical Center on Tuesday morning.

POCATELLO — Portneuf Health Trust and Portneuf Greenway Foundation officials are celebrating the completion of a new greenway trail in Pocatello, which they say is a “major step forward” in efforts to connect Idaho State University with the Portneuf Wellness Complex.

They held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the trailhead located near Portneuf Medical Center on Tuesday morning. Officials say the new 10-foot-wide, paved trail extends a half mile from Terry Street across from Franklin Middle School to the south side of the Portneuf Medical Center.

Portneuf Health Trust, which aims to improve health in the community, covered the $350,000 cost of constructing the trail.

“We are all about additional safe biking and walking trails that connect our community and that’s why we funded this project,” Shaun Menchaca, CEO of the Portneuf Health Trust, said in a news release. “These trails have been built for all abilities and I hope to see lots of people using these trails as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Dan Harelson, project coordinator, says the trail is part of Portneuf Greenway’s efforts to build a route on the eastern edge of the city. He noted that the organization is working with the Idaho Transportation Department and others and plans to construct additional projects in the years ahead.

Portneuf Greenway Foundation officials say they are working to create a network of paved trails throughout the greater Pocatello area for bicyclist and pedestrian use and to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. But, they add, building trails on developed streets and lands is a cooperative effort that requires many hands.

Construction of the latest trail was no exception.

“It has been very rewarding facilitating the success of this project,” Taelor Jordan-Moss, president of the Portneuf Greenway Foundation Board, said in a news release. “I can’t say enough to thank our partners Portneuf Medical Center, the Pocatello Children’s Clinic, Idaho Power, The City of Pocatello, RMES and of course Portneuf Health Trust.”