Senators Crapo and Risch, Representatives Fulcher and Simpson:

As a now-retired and long-time moderate Independent who has voted for Republicans, Democrats, and/or third-party candidates as long as I can remember, I have requests to make of you now that the presidential election has essentially been completed. Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes, which no number of lawsuits will likely change. Therefore, I request the following:

1) Please join the other Republicans who have publicly congratulated President-elect Biden and express your intention to work across the aisle for the best interests of the USA;

2) Please encourage the current president to make a graceful exit and a smooth transition, as these are in the best interest of the USA;

3) Please follow up as a US Senator / Representative who works on and votes for the best interests of Idaho, the nation as a whole, and the planet; and

4) Please concentrate your efforts on the nation’s most pressing needs, especially a) COVID-19 survival, b) measures to reduce gun violence of all kinds, c) true equal opportunity for all, d) education funding, e) improving rather than eliminating the Affordable Care Act, f) the federal budget and national debt, g) protecting our environment, and h) unifying the country.

Then in your spare time…

Alan C. Frantz,