POCATELLO — Two Union Pacific diesel locomotives and seven rail cars derailed early Thursday morning at the Pocatello rail yard.

There were no injuries during the 1 a.m. derailment which occurred near the intersection of North Harrison Avenue and Omaha Street.

Union Pacific officials said that nothing spilled out of the derailed rail cars, which included tanker cars, but a small amount of diesel fuel did spill from one of the derailed locomotives.

Union Pacific said that the derailed locomotives and rail cars were expected to be removed, the spilled diesel fuel cleaned up and the section of track where the derailment occurred reopened quickly.

Union Pacific said the cause of the derailment remains under investigation. 

The derailment occurred when the freight train powered by the two locomotives was entering the rail yard. The train consisted of more rail cars than the seven that derailed but Union Pacific did not disclose the train's full size.

Union Pacific officials also did not disclose what city the train originated from or where it was headed.