Sophia Frey gets a hug from her neighbor while she waits for firefighters to give her word about her pets inside of the Rosewood Apartments, located at 580 W. Clark St. in Pocatello. A Friday afternoon fire damaged the apartment building, but firefighters told Frey her pets were safe. 

POCATELLO — Franky Kleinseisel was taking a nap and his friend Sofia Neu was in the shower when emergency responders pounded on Neu's door Friday afternoon and told them the apartment building was on fire. 

The fire at the Rosewood Apartments — located in a three-story, brown brick building near Pocatello High School at 580 W. Clark St. — was reported at about 1:05 p.m. and extinguished by about 1:15 p.m., according to the Pocatello Fire Department. 

It was caused by a resident who had left something cooking on a stovetop burner, said Pocatello Fire Battalion Chief Curtis Smith. He said no people or pets were injured. 

Smith said the smoke and fire damage was limited to the apartment from which the fire originated, and other residents were allowed back inside their units before 2:30 p.m. He said there was also some moderate damage to door jams and locks from when firefighters kicked in doors. 

Initially, Kleinseisel admits he and Frey thought it was a prank by a "crazy neighbor." But when they looked in the hall, they saw thick, black smoke and firefighters kicking in doors. 

"I just threw on my robe and ran for my animals," Neu said. 

They said they heard no smoke alarm. 

After exiting the building, Kleinseisel said he ran back in to rescue his cat. 

Shannon Frey wasn't home when the fire started. She rushed back to the apartment building after hearing sirens from a nearby park and waited outside for word on the safety of her dog and her daughter's dog, which were locked inside the apartment. 

Soon, a fire marshal informed her the pets were safe.