Darren Hansen

Darren Hansen

Why are you doing what you are doing?

That’s my challenge to you and any coaches out there — and no this is not just related to fitness/health professionals. We believe at HansenAthletics that one of the biggest separating factors between coaches and frauds is the education and experience that comes from the effort to understand what you are asking your clients to do. If you can’t specifically speak to why you’re having your athletes/clients do what they are then they shouldn’t be paying you and you aren’t a trainer or a coach, yet.

Here are a couple of suggestions when it comes to developing yourself as a coach and thought leader.

1. Invest in education. Take the time to research different education opportunities and pull the trigger on the ones that take the time to develop the “why” behind their methodology or course. It is imperative that you can walk away from the experience with the ability to convey the meaning and intention behind the information you were just provided.

2. Try it yourself. Take yourself through whatever you are going to have your clients experience. It’s imperative that you understand on an intimate level what you are asking them to do. Lead from the front.

3. Record and track. Build a portfolio of successes with the clients you work with. This helps in two ways. First, you have proof that your methodology/tactics actually work. Two, you will have the opportunity to modify and edit based on your experiences. Rather than “winging it” you’ll develop the ability to record and make adjustments based on what’s best for the client/athlete.

Lead from the front

Don’t let this be a deterrent or leave a bad taste in your mouth. Rather a call to be better. Better coaches. Better leaders. Better trainers. We need to up the level of leadership in today’s world.

With social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the influence of unqualified individuals that really quite honestly either don’t care or simply don't understand the damage they cause. They will and continually prove that they will take advantage of misunderstood and ill-placed trust. Make sure to ask questions. Understand the experience and educational experiences your “coach” or “trainer” has amassed and where they come from. Being an educated consumer seems to be important in other industries and overlooked when it comes to fitness and health!

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Raised in Pocatello, Darren Hansen feels right at home coaching at HansenAthletics and heading up marketing at Streamline Sports Physical Therapy. With a background in collegiate and professional strength and conditioning, Darren is accustomed to high performance, diverse populations and accountability. Forever a student, Darren is always looking to strengthen, question and improve his understanding of human movement and performance. In addition, he currently works with clients and coaches across the world through the HansenAthletics online coaching platform. Darren can be reached at 208-569-1533, Darren@Streamlinesportspt.com, or via social media @HansenAthletics and @StreamlineSportsP.