Bryce Angell

Bryce Angell

One thing I’ll never do is tell you how to raise your kid. Lord knows that raising children was the toughest thing I did.

Each parent shares a technique how to raise up their own child. Till their routine’s interrupted by a young one screaming wild.

While walking down the candy isle at Merkle’s local store, I witnessed one long tantrum from a little boy ‘bout four.

The young boy bellowed out just like a gut shot buffalo. Then jumped down from the shopping cart right on my left big toe.

I’m sure I cursed out loud which didn’t stop the boy a bit. He started kicking on the cart and throwing one big fit.

By now his crying changed to screams, a tantrum at its best. His mother looked at me. Said, “He has put us to the test!”

But then her words surprised me. “We don’t want to stifle growth or change his personality. Chastising might ruin both.”

I wondered, was she kidding? Were my old ears failing me? It seems this new age parenting shows cause to disagree.

I couldn’t help but think about when I was just a boy. My parents would be thinking of the folks I might annoy.

There wouldn’t be a tantrum I can tell you that for sure. You daresn’t even start one. Wasn’t worth a butt so sore.

We knew by four years old to show respect to mom and dad. ‘Cuz disrespect had consequence that always turned out bad.

You seldom saw a temper from a disrespectful soul. Was it fear that kept us kids in check? Well, more than likely so.

Have we done our children favors changing all the parent tools? And maybe would it help each child to have a set of rules?

Bryce Angell has lived around horses all his entire life and is a retired registered nurse who still works part time at Ashton Living Center.