To understand the magic of Highland’s scoring attack, you have to watch closely. If you blink, you run the risk of missing the show, the way the Rams collect goals like trading cards. Sometimes Abby Satterfield chips in shots at the net. Other times Tambree Bell boots them in. Highland has so many scoring threats that on the rare occasion one is off, several others can fill in.

In the Rams’ 5-1 win over Madison Tuesday night, good for a 5A District 5/6 tournament crown and a third-straight appearance at the 5A state tournament, they worked together to put on a performance better suited for Broadway. Satterfield tallied two goals, Bell scored one, Taegen McCulloch added one and thanks to an own goal, Highland put this one away before it really had a chance to start. Before the match turned 10 minutes old, Satterfield and Bell scored, and the Rams never had trouble.

Tambree Bell Highland GSOC

Highland junior Tambree Bell eludes defenders during Tuesday's match against Madison.

Abby Satterfield Highland GSOC

Highland senior Abby Satterfield dribbles upfield during Tuesday's match against Madison.

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