New to You window

Window that a small fawn ran through in the New to You Auto building.

MONTPELIER - On Saturday, Oct. 3, a new visitor came to town.

A small fawn ran through the window of New to You Auto, owned by Marie and David Hunt.

Marie was in the building and heard some noise but didn’t think anything of it. Marie received a phone call a few minutes later, and the caller told her a deer had just broke through the front window of their business.

They checked it out, and sure enough, there was broken glass, deer hair, and some blood from where the deer had been in the building. Hunt’s cleaned up most of the damage and boarded up the window.

Keisha Burdick who owns, Bear Lake Athletics, is the one who saw the incident happen.

Keisha told The News-Examiner that the deer was a fawn, just slightly larger than a large dog, ran through Bear Lake Motor’s used car lot, and almost was hit by a couple of cars. It was missed by the vehicles and then just ran through the window.

She wondered if maybe the deer saw the reflection and thought there were more deer. Once inside, the animal turned around and attempted to get out, hitting the window a few more times before it found the hole where it came in. Once out of the building, the deer ran back across the street and towards the direction of railroad tracks.

Raleigh Scott from Idaho Fish and Game said he suspected that the situation stressed the fawn, and its fight of flight instinct kicked in. The fawn, being so young, didn’t have the experience to know how to avoid danger in the situation.

Scott also reminded people that often, the best solution is not to approach a wild animal. We are sharing living space with these animals and need to understand how to stay safe around them.

It is unknown if Montpelier Police Dept. was able to locate the animal or if the fawn suffered a life-threatening injury.