In her May 5 column, Char Tovey puzzles over the gop executive committee plot to remove the Idaho Federation of Republican Women president from voting status in the latest move to silence all but their most obedient disciples. Her argument, entirely valid, disputes the committees' insistence that the Federation president will retain her seat, as well as a voice, at the committee table. She continues by adding, "women still have a voice, just not a vote," and then, "does anyone honestly think that people will listen and take women seriously, is anyone so duped as to think" this? Well, apparently, there are likely a vast number in your own party who actually do believe you can be duped. Right wing extremist ideologues have succeeded in denying minorities, veterans, the handicapped, the poor, the disenfranchised, the rehabilitated, and yes, women, basically, anyone who doesn't agree with their convoluted definition of freedom, the opportunity to equally advance and protect their own individual liberties guaranteed in the laws of the nation. It remains to be seen whether republican women ever recognize this or remain pawns to the men who control the party.

George Deeb,


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Old Crow

The irony of a leftist dweeb citing women's rights while leftist men in dresses are taking everything that they have achieved. I wouldn't doubt that the

First woman president turn out to be a chick with a diQ.


The Party Chair is a literal woman. Im not sure we need an unelected outside voice.


Regarding so-called extremist Republicans: It was Republicans who pushed for ratification of the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery; of the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing citizenship for the liberated slaves; and of the 15th Amendment, guaranteeing the rights of these newly-freed and newly enfranchised citizens their right to vote. The Democrats at that time opposed all these reforms.protecting the rights of African Americans.

red in blue

Pretty bad when you have to go back to 1869 to find an example of the things your party did right. Comparing the Republicans of today with the Republicans of the 1800s is like comparing Joel Osteen to Jesus Christ.

Old Crow

Says someone from the party of slavery, the party

Of Jim Crow, the party of the Klan. Osteen and Christ are two peas from the same charlatan pod.

red in blue

If today's Democrats are the party of the Klan, shouldn't the Emperor of the sovereign state of New Saxony change parties?

Old Crow

Klansmen are Christians you bonehead.....they hate jews, yet they worship a dead one. Just like

You, they have no common sense.

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