Teton High School

A Teton High School student recently dressed as Adolf Hitler and another student dressed as a Jewish person on Halloween.

Principal Sam Zogg said English teacher Marilyn Reiley stopped the students as they entered her class after they donned the costumes at lunch. Zogg said the teacher made the students take off the costumes and explained that dressing like that was wrong.

Zogg said the student wearing the Hitler custom had a hat and mustache, but he did not know if the student was wearing a Nazi symbol. The student dressed as a Jewish person was wearing a star, but Zogg did not know if it was the Star of David. The student dressed as Hitler was pulling the student dressed as a Jewish person around with a leash or rope-like item, Zogg said.

Zogg was not at the school when the incident occurred and said he was told about it after school. Zogg said he took time to talk with the two students, who he described as young and not seniors. He said the students’ parents were told about the incident.

He said he went through the “Harassment Protocol” for the high school, which could include punishment. Zogg would not elaborate any further on any possible repercussions for the students but encouraged them to go and see the high school play, which was written by Holocaust survivor.

“We don’t make fun of people in history,” said Zogg. “They thought it was a joke and we talked about how it was not a joke. I applaud Ms. Reiley and whoever else has talked to them about this.”

Zogg said this wasn’t the only incident of students dressing inappropriately for Halloween. One student dressed as a prostitute, another as Jesus and some were wearing masks that covered their faces, which Zogg said was unsafe because students are not identifiable.

“There is no simple fix to this,” Zogg said. “We are trying to address this as a staff. These were two kids and not the whole student body. We have to look at the whole issue to prevent even two kids from doing this again.”

He questioned if dressing up for Halloween should be allowed.