Corbin Jay Ooka

Corbin Jay Ooka 

Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a man attempting to pass counterfeit money at a local gas station yesterday morning. The call came in just after 6am from the Hitt the Road Gas Station at Ammon Rd. and Lincoln Rd. after 33 year old Corbin Jay Ooka of Alpine, Wyoming, attempted to pay for items with a $100 bill marked “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” that was obviously fake. When the clerk told Ooka the bill was fictitious the man paid for the items by other means and left the store. The clerk then called dispatch and a responding Deputy was able to locate and stop Mr. Ooka as he drove away from the area.

Mr. Ooka told Deputies he was not aware the bill was fake and claimed to have gotten it from another female he would not identify. Ooka produced a second fake $100 bill identical to the one given to the clerk at the gas station and turned it over to the Deputy. During a search of Mr. Ooka’s vehicle, Deputies located approximately 23 grams of Marijuana.

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