Top 10 ways Brian Blad=Joe Biden

10. Blad has moved farther left the longer he has been in office.

9. His speeches make you laugh but not in a good way.

8. He tries to relate to common folk but we just realize he is putting on an act.

7. He likes spending taxpayer money to be in places he couldn’t afford if the constituents weren’t footing the bill.

6. If he gets caught in a scandal he just blames the guy ahead of him.

5. He can’t make a complete sentence without bumbling it.

4. Turns his back on veterans that have sacrificed for their country.

3. Never served his country or wore the uniform but seems to think he can relate to the men and women who have.

2. Can’t answer tough questions and loses his composure when asked them.

1. No body knows who controls him. He is beholden to the elites.

Scott Stephens, Pocatello