On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, I was sad to see one of my favorite TV shows, Tough As Nails (TAN), delayed by the Democratic National Convention (DNC) with vice presidential nominee US California Senator Kamala Harris giving her acceptance speech. TAN was to start at 9 pm, but started approximately at 9:15:55 locally because Kamala talked too long.

The DNC wanted the network stations to run the hourly DNC coverage Monday thru Thursday, August 17 – 20, at 8 pm in the Mountain Time Zone. This fouled up the primetime schedules in our time zone. It is terrible the DNC caused this agony for viewers from Billings to Albuquerque to Boise because Kamala's talk ran long and viewers in Mountain America had to wait for her dull message to be over so they could watch their favorite TV shows. I would not waste time watching anything from the DNC! I am glad daytime radio talk show hosts also stated that watching the DNC was time wasted.

I muted the audio and waited for Kamala’s talk to be over. On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Harris suspended her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination even before the primary season started! The Joe Biden – Kamala Harris ticket is a disaster! It would be just a repeat of the eight years of liberal misery under President Obama and his Obamacare. I have already voted for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Please vote for them on November 3. President Trump has made American Great Again! By the way, Biden was rude to Trump in Cleveland during the first debate. Trump won the debate in Ohio.

Albert L. Gius,