Mr. Worley claims to be a leader. I beg to differ. Let us look at one of his talking points: his claim of personal freedom where it concerns mask wearing and getting vaccinated. Mr. Worley needs to consult a dictionary and look up pandemic and its meaning. A pandemic doesn't affect one person, it affects everyone. If, for example, you have cancer or a heart condition where the doctor tells you it is time to get everything in order because your prognosis is not good, then your decision to continue or discontinue treatment is your decision and your decision alone. You are the only person involved with that disease. But in a pandemic you are not only making a decision for yourself but everyone you come in contact with. If wearing a mask or getting vaccinated prevents your family, friends or strangers you meet from getting covid-19 and possibly dying or being sick for a long stint then why not wear a mask or get vaccinated? This does not mean a business has to close. It means when you are around other people that you should be vaccinated or wear a mask if not vaccinated.

Again, this a pandemic, it affects everyone not just yourself. I repeat look up pandemic and its meaning. Yes, I do know what I'm talking about. My daughter had colon cancer and because people didn't get vaccinated or wear a mask, they got sick and filled up the hospital beds. By the time she was able to get treatment it become a stage 3 cancer. She had to have an operation, chemotherapy and a loss of several weeks from work just because people didn't want to wear a mask or get vaccinated. To put it simply, very self centered people.

I feel sorry for you with your stance on masks and vaccinations, you seem to be unable to make a proper decision. As a mayor, you will have to make tough decisions. This means you will have to weigh all the facts and come to the right decision. It may not be a popular decision, but it would be the right one. Your inability to understand what a pandemic is along with no masks or vaccine mandates when they are needed tells me you are not a person that can reason things out and come to a logical conclusion.

I am by no means a Blad supporter, but when you can't tell what a pandemic is and are unable to reason out what needs to be logically done, then I can't support someone of your ilk.

Richard Bennett,