Michael Corrigan recently asked "Can we have universal background checks, close loop holes, consider red flag laws and at least debate a new assault weapons ban?" No, we can't.

Like most gun control advocates, Corrigan used vague language to mislead the public about the laws he wants. "Universal background checks" require the licensing of all gun owners and registration of all firearms. "Red flag laws" permit confiscation of firearms from law-abiding people who’ve never harmed anyone. An "assault weapons ban" is the banning and confiscation of the most popular rifle in the United States.

What he calls loopholes are the compromises made to get bipartisan support for current gun control laws. But immediately after those compromises became law, gun control advocates reneged on the agreements and demanded more laws. Only fools would trust any promises they make now. Idahoans stopped trusting them forty years ago.

In 1978 over 82 percent of Idaho voters added this language to our constitution: "No law shall impose licensure, registration or special taxation on the ownership or possession of firearms or ammunition. Nor shall any law permit the confiscation of firearms, except those actually used in the commission of a felony."

So Corrigan can't have licensing, registration, confiscation, and bans. If he'd like to try to convince us to change the Idaho Constitution to allow gun control, the first step to regaining our trust is to be honest about his intentions.

Don Fleming,