If you remember the pervasive answering machine tapes commercial from the 1980s — the one with the rap lyrics “Wait for the beep. You gotta leave your name. You gotta leave your number.” — then you’re likely part of a dwindling number of Americans still using voicemail.

POCATELLO — Gamers who remember those good old days of late nights, Mountain Dew and defeating fellow players will be in for a splash of nostalgia with the Fourth of July opening of Playtime Café, the new gaming hangout at 123 S. Main St.

Teton Valley, like many small communities with amazing natural resources, has a population of people who work remotely, often for tech companies. While the work is inherently isolating, a co-working space in Victor and a new tech meet-up group are seeking to bring those people together.

Phishing is a form of fraud that has increased exponentially over the last several years due, largely, to the reliance on email and social media to communicate and conduct business. Criminals have found that they can hack these platforms easily or, better yet, they can just send an email or …