ID Network's 'Doomsday: The Missing Children' focuses on Vallow

Kay and Larry Woodcock are shown here during a preliminary hearing for Chad Daybell.

J.J. Vallow’s grandparents, Larry and Kay Woodcock, hope Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow get the death penalty after murder charges were leveled against them on Tuesday.

The Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood and Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsey Blake presented the charges during a press conference. The prosecutors detailed nine counts including murder, theft and insurance fraud against the couple.

“We absolutely want capital punishment, absolutely,” Kay Woodcock said.

On Wednesday a court hearing via Zoom was held where Seventh District Judge Steven Boyce read off the criminal complaints against the Daybells. Kay noted Chad’s demeanor during the hearing.

“Chad was smiling through that. He’s a psychopath, and that just shows he’s just a deplorable man, period. You can quote me on that,” she said.

Kay was concerned that Lori didn’t meet with Boyce as scheduled on Wednesday.

“And then Lori’s ordeal — whatever the heck was that about?” she asked. “There’s nothing (surprising) when it comes to her or (attorney) Mark Means. There’s always something that’s convoluted. Every experience they have in court is convoluted.”

The Woodcocks find themselves continually struggling with J.J.’s death, Kay said.

“We have been just pulled apart. This has been an extremely emotional time,” she said.

Kay is J.J.’s biological grandmother. Her son is J.J.’s biological father. Kay’s brother, Charles Vallow, and then-wife, Lori, adopted J.J. from the Woodcocks when J.J. was a baby.

“J.J.’s father struggles like we do,” Kay said.

On Tuesday, the joint prosecutor’s office charged the Daybells with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, first degree murder and grand theft by deception. They are charged with the deaths of Chad’s first wife, Tammy Daybell, and Lori’s children Tylee Ryan, 17, and J.J. Vallow, 7. The theft charges involve the Daybells continuing to receive Social Security funds for the children after they went missing.

Court records state Lori and Chad carried out the three murders to “endorse and espouse religious beliefs for the purpose of encouraging and/or justifying” the murders of Tylee, J.J. and Tammy. In text messages they noted “death percentages” for Tammy and J.J. on July 30, 2019.