Stephanie Crane

Stephanie Crane

CHALLIS — The last anybody saw of 9-year-old Stephanie Crane, she was bowling with friends.

Crane’s mother paid for her admission, gave her extra money for snacks and told her to come straight home when they were done.

Witnesses disagreed on whether she followed her mother’s instructions or went first to Challis High School to watch the soccer team practice. Either way, her mother began searching for her around 5 p.m. and reported her missing at 8:16 p.m.

The search began for Crane that is still open, 28 years later. It is unknown what happened to Crane or even if another person was involved with her disappearance.

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office sent out a news release Monday on the anniversary of Crane’s disappearance.

“Stephanie’s case is still open and will remain open until she is found,” the news release states. “Every tip that the Custer County Sheriff’s receives is followed up on.”

The case has been featured on national television shows, including Dateline in 2016 and a Discovery Channel documentary in 2018, but neither led to new discoveries of Crane’s fate.

Crane would be 37 years old today, with dark brown hair and blue eyes and freckles on her face. She would have a scar above her right eye and a cowlick on the right side of her hairline.

Anyone with information about Stephanie Crane can contact the sheriff’s office at 208-879-2232 or the tip line at 208-879-5372. Tips can also be emailed to