The Outpost

The Outpost Lego store opened July 2 in Garden City.

GARDEN CITY, Utah — Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! A LEGO store called The Outpost opened on July 2 in Garden City, which is just south of the Idaho-Utah border on the shores of Bear Lake.

It’s located in the Moose Buns Coffee Shop next to Bear Lake Renegade Raceway Go-Karts and is a 200-square-foot building in the mini-golf course area.

The Outpost is owned and operated by Jason Messer as part of the aftermarket LEGO empire Bricks & Minifigs. It's just one of 40 LEGO stores he owns across the United States with the franchise headquarters located south of Orem, Utah.

The Outpost carries new LEGO sets, some previously loved sets, a lot of retired sets and some new releases that will hit the store Aug. 1. The store also has thousands of mini-figures. People can enjoy activities such as handling pull-back racing cars and testing out RC cars. Messer says he will eventually have a Mario mini-golf area as well.

One of the big draws is that the majority of the products in the store are less than $20. The store also sells bulk LEGO products, and you can purchase a whole bucket of LEGO bricks you pick by hand for $20. For occasional specials, you will be able to refill the bucket for $15.

Messer is also letting his customers see what products he has online and is allowing them to purchase the items without paying shipping as he will bring them directly from his warehouse to the Garden City store for pickup.

If you have ever watched the popular show called “LEGO Masters” on Hulu, then you have seen season winner Flynn DeMarco. DeMarco works for Messer at his Concord, California, store. A lot of the "LEGO Masters" contestants are connected with Messer's franchises across the United States and do activities in the stores. DeMarco will be designing part of the mini-golf course that will be at The Outpost next year. He also works the camps at the Concord store and may be doing camps at The Outpost via video broadcast in the future.

Camps are approximately an hour and a half long and are activities in which young kids get to put together LEGO projects that involve moving kits such as pull-back cars or spring-loaded cars or catapults. 

“All of our stores, as well as The Outpost, are about people enjoying life and having fun," Messer said. "That’s what I enjoy doing is watching kids just absolutely have a great time in life.”

He says he has customers in his stores who come in a couple of times a week. He even has one gentleman who is in his 80s who comes into his Concord store every Friday. It’s about “kids” of every age.

So, no matter your age, if you love LEGO, go visit The Outpost in Garden City. You are sure to find something you will like at just the right price. And keep going back because Messer will be adding things all the time.