Stephanie and Ron Clement

Stephanie and Ron Clement stand inside their business, Family Fun Cutz, which specializes in children’s haircuts.

POCATELLO—The COVID-19 pandemic led many of us to find resilience in ourselves in many aspects—from our personal lives to our work. The circumstances pushed us to work in ways that were far from ordinary, and now three years later, we have come to find a new norm.

Meet Stephanie and Ron Clement, owners and founders of Family Fun Cutz. Stephanie and Ron showed resilience in the face of adversity and didn’t let obstacles stand in their way. When their salon in Nebraska shut down and doctors recommended a move out West for their son, who has severe asthma, they seized the opportunity and moved to Pocatello. They found solace and opportunity among the beautiful mountains in this valley and reopened their salon business here.

Hair salon gaming

Children 5 and up have the option to play Xbox and Nintendo Switch while getting haircuts at Family Fun Cutz in Pocatello.

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