J.D. Hansen's new hair products

Local hair stylist J.D. Hansen is pictured with a new hair product that he and several others have developed that allows hair to be dyed and permed at the same time. The product will officially launch on Thursday but is available now at Hansen’s salon J & Company in Old Town Pocatello.

POCATELLO — Local hair stylist, business owner and entrepreneur J.D. Hansen has, with several others, developed a new product that he predicts will change the lives of beauticians and their clients everywhere.

The product, called Ureshii, does something that was previously impossible: It perms and dyes hair at the same time.

This saves clients time by making it so they only have to come into salons once instead of waiting a week between their perm and color, and it frees up time for stylists so they can see more clients — a win-win for everyone.

“We’re literally in the last stages of getting our patents now,” Hansen said. “So it will actually, for the first time in history, allow you to deliver a perm and color at the same time, giving you 100 percent gray coverage with any permanent color line. It’s mixable with any permanent color line. It’s the first time in history it’s ever been able to be done.”

Hansen, who owns the J & Company hair salon at 127 N. Main St. in Pocatello, will officially launch Ureshii at the Union Taproom, 230 W. Bonneville St., at 6:30 p.m. Thursday during a showcase of the new product to local stylists.

There will be champagne, appetizers and hor d’oeuvres. The event will also feature a ribbon-cutting, with members of the Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce, Idaho State University officials and Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad expected to be in attendance.

That launch will precede the international release and is intended to collect data. Hansen said distribution of the product will be handled out of Pocatello. Domestically, stylists can purchase the product at ureshiihair.com now, and Hansen is already using the product in his salon.

“It’s a stylist-only product,” Hansen said. “To register to buy this product online, they have to actually enter their stylist identification number.”

There are five co-founders of Ureshii, which means “happy” in Japanese, who have been working on getting the product launched for four years. The co-founders have formed a company, also called Ureshii, to produce, market and distribute the product.

Two of the co-founders, the company’s CEO and benefactor, are based out of Boston. Another co-founder is based out of Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The other two, including Hansen, are based in Pocatello.

The other Pocatello co-founder is Camie Parsons, a hair-stylist-turned-chemist who is the inventor of the product. Hansen’s title within the company is creative director of style and education, and he is also in charge of marketing.

Hansen said Parsons used to be a stylist and she could see women would get frustrated having to come back in for a second process — and she decided that was something she could change.

Previously, the process would take at least two hours for each session and now, Hansen said, the entire process can be done in an hour and a half.

“That’s literally the whole pretense behind this is that now you can combine two services into one, saving the client time and money, and their hair structure is left way better than it was before,” Hansen said. “It’s literally one of the coolest products I’ve ever seen.”

The company did its product development in Pocatello.

“We did all of the hands-on models and everything here,” Hansen said. “We did about 50 tests locally just to make sure that it actually worked and gave you the coverage that you needed when you’re trying to tell people it covers gray.”

Ureshii has three steps that come in three bottles. The first, called Say Hi!, creates a range of curls from kinky to loose waves. The second, On The Double!, is mixed with any permanent hair dye and activates the curl bonds and color simultaneously. The third, Fat and Happy, fortifies the hair, repairing any damage done during the perming and coloring process and replacing fatty acids. Clients get the remainder of the third bottle to take home.

“One of the reasons it works so well is No. 3, called ‘Fat and Happy,’” Hansen said. “It’s a hair fortifier, so when you’re doing any service on the hair, whether it’s chemical or as much as shampooing, you’re breaking down the cell membrane complex, so with our hair fortifier, we actually go in and repair the cell membrane complex, which is the structure that holds every cell together.”

Hansen said they have ordered a trial run of 10,000 kits and have already pre-sold a lot of them. The kit is $39.95 on the website, www.ureshiihair.com, and Hansen said that price is comparable to most other perm and wave products on the market.

More information about Ureshii can be found at www.ureshiihair.com.