CHUBBUCK — Couples looking to get married in Pocatello or Chubbuck currently don’t have many options for wedding venues, but thanks to one local couple, there will be another to choose from come spring.

Chubbuck resident Cassidy Bell has worked with a lot of brides during the six years she’s been a professional photographer. She’s shot weddings throughout the region, but when it came to weddings in the Pocatello area, the existing venues didn’t quite fit her vision, so she and her husband, Brennan, decided to build their own.

That vision is coming to life at Patriot Square on Chubbuck Road where The Hive Venue is being built from the ground up. Construction started on the 4,425-square-foot building in November, and progress is on track for a grand opening in May.

“We know the people who own the land,” Bell said, “and when we started looking at different lots that were available, that one felt like the right fit, being a couple minutes down the road from the temple and some of the convenience that would provide to our clients, as well as just good foot traffic. It’s just a fun location to be in. It’s a good up and coming area. … I think Soda Barn is the perfect kind of caterer for a lot of events. That will be super fun to have right there.”

Already, The Hive has generated a lot of interest. Bell says they have several events booked for 2021, and some people are already asking about 2022. They’re also offering a discount for all events booked before the venue officially opens.

“It’s nice that people see a couple 2-by-4s out in the dirt and just have a lot of faith that I will be able to make it a beautiful place,” she said. “We’re grateful for that. The 2021 season is busy just because so many weddings were canceled or postponed last year.”

Bell said another plus of having another event venue in the area is that local wedding vendors will have more opportunities to gain more clients as well.

“I know a lot of vendors especially are really excited,” she said. “This opens up their businesses a lot. It’s an exciting thing because really I look at businesses around town and instead of feeling competitive, this one just doesn’t feel like that. It’s like, ‘How can I help your business grow? Because if your business grows, my business grows.’ It feels like a very good community addition overall.”

The Hive will be open Monday through Saturday, and Bell says that events booked Monday through Thursday will have a less expensive rate. Bell also says they are hoping to host a wide array of events other than just weddings.

“We want to host anniversaries and birthday milestones, and we have the studio space upstairs for smaller events,” she said. “We want to do corporate events. Anytime we can get people in there, it’s a good thing.”

Starting a business literally from the ground up is a daunting task, but Bell said the task of building The Hive has been surprisingly smooth. Now that the frame is up, she is excited to move onto the design phase.

“I love the design side of it,” she said. “I’m not so much the numbers side of a business as much as I am making it look pretty and having fun with websites and all of the design. So this stage is super fun for me.”

Bell moved to Pocatello her freshman year of high school, and she says she never expected to stay in the area forever. However, her husband’s passion for the community in which he was raised wore off on her, and now she wants to do what she can to make the community better.

“Brennan has so much pride in Pocatello and our community and it’s rubbed off onto me,” she said. “We’d rather build up our community and make it more of the kind of place that we want to stay and a place where we can personally succeed with business, but also help other vendors that we love succeed as well. We love supporting small business and see this as a way that we can do so on a larger scale.”

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