Lanora Robinson

Lanora Robinson, the owner of Black Swan Esthetics in American Falls, is pictured with her husband, Dave, and their five children.

AMERICAN FALLS — Among the nitty-gritty agricultural and mechanical businesses in American Falls sits a new shop that offers to clean up unwanted spots and blemishes — on skin, that is.

Black Swan Esthetics recently moved into 450 Lincoln St. in order to cater to a different set of needs that owner Lanora Robinson noticed needed to be filled.

“I wanted to bring my services here in hopes to help those of all ages and skin types and conditions,” Robinson said, who has lived in American Falls for six years and is an esthetician and permanent makeup artist.

Many services she provides include permanent make-up applications, cellulite and skin tightening, teeth-whitening, micro-needling to treat hair thinning and baldness and much more. One of the more popular services she offers is the Thermoclear treatment that targets epidermal skin blemishes such as skin tags, acne and spider capillaries.

With this treatment she’s able to apply radio frequency that zaps these imperfections away, leaving the skin cleaner and fresher looking. And despite the beauty industry predominantly being used by women, she has had men pop in for a Gentleman’s Facial treatment and the back facial.

“I would say probably about 30 percent of my clientele are men,” she said. “And a lot of them love the back facial with hot stones because it is very relaxing and men tend to suffer more from back (acne) than women do, and sometimes they just want that relaxing hot stone on their back.”

With her services Robinson also sells skin-care routine products that are pharmaceutical-grade and FDA-approved and are topical lotions that don’t tear skin like commercial-grade products one might fight at a dollar store do.

“The beads in (commercial-grade) just kind of scratch your skin and create more damage,” she explained, while also expressing the importance of following her clinical treatments with daily skin care routines. Just like a bad diet can damage exercising efforts to become healthier, a bad skin care routine can decrease the effectiveness of a clinical treatment.

“If you don’t have a good skin care routine, everything we do here gets erased,” she said.

Luckily she opts for skin care products that are quick and easy to use for those with busy lives, and she tries each treatment and product before she offers it to her clients.

“Everything I have, I try it on myself first,” she said. “I make sure that (it’s) very comfortable.”

Since opening in September, Robinson has been surprised by the amount of out-of-town clients who swing by to receive treatment. Some of them travel as far as Twin Falls, Jerome and Buhl for her services.

Robinson, who has five children with her husband, Dave, explained that the drive to become an esthetician began after she suffered several miscarriages and wanted to focus on doing something she could put her talents toward.

“Going back to school and getting my esthetics (license), that’s what got me through that loss was being able to concentrate on something,” she said. “And I finally felt good with where I’m at and I’m going to do what I want to do now.”

Call 208-312-1237 for more information about the treatments Robinson offers.