The Idaho Supreme Court heard the appeal of convicted teen murderer Torey Adamcik Friday morning at the Bannock County Courthouse before an audience that included the attorneys in the trial and the sentencing judge.

      Adamcik was convicted of first degree murder and solicitation to commit murder in June 2007 for the brutal stabbing murder of Pocatello High School classmate Cassie Jo Stoddart in September 2006.

   Adamcik’s appeal sets forth 11 claims of error and asks the court to reverse his convictions and remand the case for new trial, or in the alternative, modify the sentences to two concurrent 15-year fixed terms.

   Adamcik’s friend and co-defendant, Brian Draper, was tried and convicted in April 2007 on the same charges.

Among the issues presented by Adamcik's attorneys was whether the evidence was sufficient to show Adamcik committed the murder, whether the district court erred in failing to supress statements made in custody, whether the jury was properly instructed, whether the state committed reversible error by quoting from the Bible in closing statements,  whether cumulative error requires a retrial and whether a life sentence for a minor constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

The high court took the matter under advisement and will issue its opinion in the coming months.