In last week’s article I lamented about how horrible I shot while pheasant hunting over in South Dakota. My self esteem was at rock bottom so when the young couple across the street asked if I wanted to go throw a few clay pigeons I said YES! Finally, a chance to redeem myself.

I used to pheasant hunt a lot of years ago but haven’t gotten to much in years. Years ago the pheasant hunting used to be phenomenal here in Idaho but those days are long gone. Subdivisions have taken over old pheasant haunts and big days are a distant memory.

As hunters notch their deer and elk tags, grind up burger, and line up their fleet of duck decoys, it’s easy to forget about one customary fall tradition. While the general fall turkey season has ended across much of the state, the chance to serve a wild bird at your next holiday feast is st…

Now that October big game seasons are over, Idaho Fish and Game needs all big game hunters to take a few minutes to fill out their mandatory hunter reports regardless of whether they harvested.