Univerity of Idaho arena rendering

Rendering of proposed new ICCU Arena at the University of Idaho.

While the University of Idaho has worked to adapt to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, construction on the brand-new Idaho Central Credit Union Arena continues and is still scheduled to be completed in the late summer of 2021.

Construction on the $51 million facility can be viewed live at GoVandals.com/ICCUArena. The most prominent features to date, the west-end stair towers, are immediately visible. While much of the current work is with the core of the building, construction on the wood superstructure is set to begin in June and run through the summer.

“When you drive by the arena site, you can see the two concrete stair towers on the west side of the building, and the two structural shear walls on the east side of the building,” said Guy Esser, U of I Project Manager. “These roughly represent the four main structural corners of the building. Starting in June, you will start to see the intricate wood structural elements being installed.”

The wood structure will be massive. In total, there will be 854 Glulam beams, weighing 442 tons combined. The largest will weigh more than four tons, and is 10 ¼ inches by 60 inches and 58 feet long.

While certain changes have been made in the interest of health and safety, the project remains on track for completion in the summer of 2021. Crews remain on site and David Shourd, project manager for Hoffman Construction and General Contractor for the project, outlined a number of added precautions.

“Hoffman has worked closely with the subcontractors and regional construction community to adopt best practices,” Shourd said. “(These include) eliminating large group meetings that cannot adhere to social distancing guidelines and providing portable restrooms, additional portable hand washing and hand sanitizer stations, and additional parking so crews can travel in their individual cars to maintain social distancing.”