Kordopatis holes in one

Michelle and Andy Kordopatis, owners of the Odyssey Bar in Pocatello, both hit two holes-in-one this summer. They play year-round on local courses and their indoor golf simulator inside Odyssey Bar.

POCATELLO — Andy Kordopatis and his wife Michelle haven’t found any documented occurrence of a feat quite like theirs.

And with all the unlikely scenarios that play out in golf, there’s a chance that their unique achievement is the first of its kind.

The husband and wife each made two holes-in-one over the summer, on different days, on different holes, with different clubs and in different months of the year.

“I’m still blown away over it,” Andy said. “It just doesn’t happen. It was pretty crazy.”

There are multiple recorded instances of spouses acing the same hole on back-to-back shots, odds that are estimated to be ”astronomical,” according to the National Hole-in-One Association. The Kordopatises spread their success out over the summer, each hole-in-one more unbelievable than the last.

Michelle was first. She aced the 13th hole at Highland Golf Course in May.

Andy took his turn about a month later, on the first weekend of June, sinking his tee shot on the 16th hole at Highland.

In late July, Andy aced No. 13 at Riverside Golf Course. Michelle capped the serendipitous summer in early August with a hole-in-one on Hole 8 at Riverside.

Andy’s aces were doubly lucky — both happened during scrambles at prize holes. He won a $500 Visa gift card for his hole-in-one in July, but his big payday was in June, when his ace at Highland’s 16th won him $25,000.

He didn’t watch either shot go in the hole. He didn’t believe his witnesses, either, not even his daughter, who was standing at the green for Andy’s $25,000 shot.

“I hit it and turned around. I wasn’t playing very good that day,” Andy said. “There’s like 10-15 people on the tee box: ‘It’s going in, it’s going in, you made it!’ I’m going, ‘whatever,’ and then I look up to the green. (My daughter is) jumping up and down, and I still thought she was messing with me.”

Michelle’s holes-in-one didn’t come with a cash prize. “Mine cost me money,” she jokes. But her ace in August evened the score with Andy for the summer, and broke their career hole-in-one tie: Michelle now leads Andy 4-3.

They credit their success to a few different things, decades of golf being one of them. They also use the same set of special-order clubs, from Thomas Golf, which touts its products as “#1 in shot accuracy.”

You don’t say.

They also hone their swings year-round on their indoor golf simulator at Odyssey Bar on East Center Street in Pocatello. Andy has owned the bar since 1992, after his father owned it for nearly a decade, and the simulator has been up and running for “at least 20 years,” Michelle said.

Patrons can play their golf course of choice from over 100 options, or simply tee off at the driving range. There are also leagues starting in January.

“A lot of people just come in if they buy a new set of clubs or something, they just want to try them ... they can’t wait three months for the courses to open,” Andy said. “And then they end up playing, because they like it. It’s addicting.”

Neither Andy nor Michelle has hit a hole-in-one on their simulator. In fact, there haven’t been many at all over the years.

Some will say they hit enough holes-in-one for a lifetime this summer, but they’ve got more on their list.

“It’d be nice to hit one on Augusta (on our simulator),” Michelle said. “Tiger Woods would have nothing on us.”