Turkey on the Turf

ISU Athletic Director Pauline Thiros, center, joins attendees of the second annual Turkey on the Turf event, which is held at Holt Arena to recognize student support of Bengals athletics.

Idaho State University Athletics, the ISU Alumni Association and Idaho Central Credit Union partnered to thank ISU students for their support of Bengal athletics. The event, called “Turkey on the Turf,” began last year, and is slated to continue as an annual event held at Holt Arena on the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving each year.

Attendance nearly doubled from last year, as 300 Thanksgiving meals were served before going to a second menu option because attendance was higher than expected. Nearly 400 were served by the end of the event.

ISU Athletic Director Pauline Thiros said Turkey on the Turf is the Bengals’ way of expressing appreciation for student support.

“We owe a huge thanks to our students,” Thiros said. “They have stepped up with student funding, attendance, and they always come out roaring.”

Thiros added that another goal of the event is to continue to build a strong relationship between Bengal athletics and the student body.

“I want them to know our staff and coaches, engage with our student-athletes and look to Bengal athletics to support their efforts and experiences,” she said. “Sitting down to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together is a great way to strengthen the Bengal family.”

Students also had the opportunity to leave Holt Arena and get a free auto inspection, courtesy of ISU Public Safety and the College of Technology, to help ensure a safe trip home for the holidays.