Data for Idaho State University's student-athletes who are reporting for the 2019-20 school year shows that most of the school's athletes hail from the Gem State.

Of ISU's 302 student-athletes, 95 — or 31.45% — are from Idaho, according to data provided by ISU Faculty Athletic Representative Caroline Faure. The next-most represented state is California with 54 student-athletes (17.88%), followed by students from outside the United States (30, 9.93%).

ISU Athletic Director Pauline Thiros said she is pleased with the regional footprint the university's athletic department has made — especially in regards to in-state student-athletes. Neighboring states Washington (26), Utah (24), Nevada (10), Oregon (10), Wyoming (eight) and Montana (five) all rank in the top 10 states that ISU's student-athletes come from.

Thiros added that ISU has more in-state student-athletes than any other institution in Idaho "by a large margin."

"It’s clear that Idaho State has been doing a good job recruiting from regions similar to ours in geography and culture, and that helps with retention," Thiros said. "I think our recruiting footprint makes sense. We’re paying close attention to our home state and making it a priority to get opportunities to Idaho students, but also reaching out to a region that makes sense in terms of proximity and talent."

In total, ISU's student-athletes hail from 19 states and 16 nations, according to Faure. England leads foreign countries with four student-athletes, while Australia, Canada and Germany account for three each.

"International student-athletes often bring a different approach to their sports, and different skills," Thiros said. "They perform well, and they are incredibly devoted if they are willing to go so far from home and put themselves out there. Having a diverse group of student-athletes shows the world that ISU has something special, something worth going abroad to be a part of. That’s important."