Idaho State coach Ryan Looney directs his team last season against Eastern Washington.

Idaho State’s men’s basketball team has its head man for the next several seasons.

Head coach Ryan Looney has signed a contract extension through the summer of 2027, ISU announced Friday afternoon, committing to its head coach for at least another five years.

Greg Woods is a sports reporter at the Idaho State Journal. Follow him on Twitter at GregWWoods.

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90s alum

This coaching hire has been amongst the worst in ISUs horrible last 40 year run. Last year with many veterans returning they were projected to be in the top 4 of the conference but ended up at dead last in the conference & 7-23 overall and they got worse and worse as the season went on, not better. This year they lost every single non conference D1 game except one with one of the easiest non conference schedules in the nation against some of the very worst D1 teams. They won a few close games this year against the worst of a very down Big Sky and suddenly he gets a 5 year extension with a 7-13 overall record! Attendance is close to record lows which confirms he has lost the fans and its time to move on. A 5 year extension at this point is about the worst basketball decision I can remember in the past 20-30 years of record futility/losing. Pauline might be a decent fundraiser, but she knows nothing about hiring the right basketball and football coaches (Football coach lasted 1 year after getting dead last in the league), which is really by far the most important job of an AD. It looks like its time for a new AD with experience hiring winners, something we havn't seen at ISU largely for many decades.


Looney has no presence in the community. I have never seen him at any public events. Maybe if he were out more, the attendance might improve.

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