Cody Hawkins NSD

Idaho State head coach Cody Hawkins during Wednesday’s National Signing Day presser.

Cody Hawkins doesn’t have everything figured out. He’s a first-time head coach, and doing so at Idaho State is a little like walking down the hallway with the lights off: You can do it, but it’s going to take just some adjusting.

As he built his first ISU singing class, complete with 27 scholarship players, Hawkins stressed one thing to recruits: He doesn’t know what kind of playing time they’ll see this spring, this fall, maybe not even further down the road. As he navigates his first couple months on the job, as he sells Poky to kids who might not have been able to point out Idaho on a map before he reached out, Hawkins has remained honest with them.

Hunter Hays and Taylor Mazzone

Former Idaho State offensive coordinator Taylor Mazzone (left) and quarterback Hunter Hays (right) chat on the sideline during a game last fall against Cal Poly.

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(2) comments

Mike Mathews

Other than a transfer from byu via Rigby..... I guess there is no one here in East Idaho who can play or coach for the home team????? We must go else where.... it's a proven winning strategy??

Mike Mathews

Actually missed a couple.... Highland and Thunder Ridge. It's simply NOT enough. You've got to build your program with local kids and coaches. Or, just keep on losing.

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