AMERICAN FALLS – Standing in the American Falls common area in early June, Felippe Cataluna had one request, or rather one rule. Those in attendance could snap as many pictures as they wanted of him. He would pose, switch spots, stand next to different people — do anything except smile.

POCATELLO — After his Pocatello Razorbacks ran through the handshake line and started to clear the dugout, celebrating their 8-6 win over Wood River in the Pocatello Wood Bat Classic on Friday, Mikee Blackhawk climbed on a four-wheeler and started to drag the infield at Halliwell Park.

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POCATELLO — In the lengthening light of a Pocatello late afternoon, Hayden Corta stands next to her family’s trailer, parked in the back lot at the Bannock County fairgrounds.

The logo of the Soles de Mexicali is a bit of a fever dream — the word Soles (Spanish for Suns) spelled out in black, only with an basketball replacing the O. That’s not the weird part. The weird part is that the basketball also has angry-looking eyes and clenched teeth, plus a trail of flam…

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