BONNEVILLE — Not a cloud hung in the sky after one of Blackfoot’s first-regular season wins of the season, a September victory over Hillcrest in Idaho Falls. Head coach Liam Pope wore a grin while he teased his players, who pulled on warmup gear and prepared to return home. The mood was ligh…


IDAHO FALLS — The skies were dark and angry, unloading a downpour on the field at Hillcrest High School on Saturday afternoon. The conditions were treacherous, and even more miserable for the girls who stayed in shorts and their jerseys.

DAYTON — Three minutes into the game Thursday night at Lyle S. Henderson Field, the West Side Pirates found themselves in a weird spot.

POCATELLO – Wind cuts through the valley that separates Chinese Peak and Indian Mountain, howling bitter air between the goalposts of Century High’s football field. Ryan Fleischmann stands in the corner of the north end zone, covered up in dark attire that would see him vanish if the lights …

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