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As the summer draws closer and the weather warms up, plans for a possible Gate City Grays baseball season are coming ever so slightly more into focus.

Grays co-owner Terry Fredrickson said Friday that the Grays won’t make a decision — either to play this year or not — before June 13.

If they do decide to then go ahead with a season, the targeted date for Opening Day would be July 1.

“The health and safety of everybody in our community is of the utmost importance to us,” Fredrickson said in a press release. “We have been engaged with a wide range of public health and government agencies, including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to obtain the latest information. Our fans and the people of Pocatello have supported us from the very start, and we would never do anything that could potentially be dangerous or cause harm to our great community. ... We remain hopeful that we will play ball this season in Pocatello, but the safety and well-being of our fans and our players is the most important thing to us.”

If certain benchmarks are hit, Idaho is scheduled to enter Stage 4 of its reopening process — which would allow stadiums and ballparks to reopen — on June 13.

Much is still to be ironed out before the Grays can take the field — or even make their decision on whether to do so.

Gate City is the only Idaho-based team in the Northern Utah League. Utah is also in the process of reopening, but local and municipal regulations might also play a part as teams determine whether or not to play.

Even though a decision won’t be made before June 13, Fredrickson said the next few weeks will be crucial as the Grays and the rest of the league try to answer as many logistical questions as possible and come up with a plan and a possible schedule.

“The phrase that’s getting said a lot is ‘penciling things in,’” Fredrickson said. “I think a lot of teams in the league, they’re trying to push forward as well ... so we’re just hoping to present a schedule and be able to go forward.”