Scott Adams returning as boys basketball coach at Firth (copy)

Firth coach Scott Adams (center) coaches during a game.

FIRTH — Scott Adams has built a resume coaching basketball at Firth High School. Anyone would have, when you win seven state titles in a 10-year period.

It came as a surprise to many when Adams stepped down two years ago to spend more time with his family and he accepted the athletic director’s job along the way.

Adams has now spent two years on hiatus and, as he puts it, the time is now right for a return to basketball.

“When I stepped down two years ago, I always knew that I would coach basketball again,” Adams said. “There was never any doubt that I would come back, it just wasn’t that I would come back at Firth. I thought that it might be somewhere else.”

Adams has been pursued by several other high schools over the past two seasons, but it just wasn’t the fit that he wanted. He says it would have interfered with some of what he wanted to do and that was to spend more time with his kids and to be able to watch his daughters play sports as well.

Adams said either the offers were not quite what he has had at Firth, or they were intriguing. Some have offered extended terms on a contract and others thought he would come to their environment for next to nothing, but none of them felt right.

The offers reportedly have come form some high schools in the state and out of state and there has even been an offer or two from some small colleges, just nothing that grabbed Adams and made him want to accept the offer.

“I only have one daughter left at the high school and she will graduate next spring and doesn’t play basketball and my son is just finishing up sixth grade, so he will be along soon and he wants to stay at Firth,” Adams said. “The timing is just right for a return and where better than to be at Firth?”

“It isn’t about the money," Adams continued. "It is about the kids and the impact that you can have on their lives as they go on in life. It isn’t about the records or what kids are there now, it is about what you can do to make them better — better young men, stronger personalities, and stronger players. It is about their success and how they can improve themselves and trust in each other and learn about teamwork and team play as they progress. That is what it is all about.”

Beginning in 2007, Adams coached teams at Firth that ran off a string of four straight championships. His teams won three more championships in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

“We have always had good kids in Firth, those that want to work and can be disciplined and want to win and that helps a coach be successful,” Adams said. “Again, the timing is just right at the moment for me to get back into coaching and to do it at Firth High School.”

Adams will take over the basketball program immediately and will begin organizing his summer camps and will remain in the athletic director’s position as he goes forward.