Recent rains have put the smackdown on the Boone Fire north of Driggs and allowed the Caribou-Targhee National Forest to lift the closure on the nearby trail.

The Forest Service reported the area has received more than an inch of rain and is expected to get more precipitation during the week. The perimeter of the Boone Fire is estimated at 117 acres. The lightning-caused fire is burning in the Jedidiah Smith Wilderness Area about 25 miles north of Driggs.

“Considering the increased moisture over the next few days and reduced fire activity, we felt it appropriate to allow the public back into the area,” said Liz Davy, Ashton-Island Park District Ranger. “However, we strongly urge the public to be cautious and cognizant of their surroundings if they choose to access the South Boone Trail.”

Smoke may continue after the area dries out, but the fire is not expected to grow, officials said.

The Forest Service said many of the trees along the burned portion of the trail are “compromised and could easily fall with a wind event.”

The small fire was allowed to burn to promote increased plant and animal diversity by creating different age and sizes of vegetation within the burned area, the Forest Service said.