Bart and George Flynn

George Flynn, left, and his brother Bart took third and first, respectively, at the Pocatello Pedal Fest on Saturday.

At the ninth annual Pocatello Pedal Fest, which was held Saturday at City Creek, Bart and George Flynn saw yet another victory.

The twins from Jackson, Wyoming, have raced in five Pedal Fests and have almost always both placed within the top five. This year, Bart came in first overall with a time of 2:15:38 and earned a $500 cash prize. George came in third with a time of 2:19:10.

The two brothers don’t compete in many races, as they are kept busy managing the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles store in Jackson. However, they said they always try to make it to Pedal Fest.

“It’s been a priority for a few reasons,” Bart said, “one of them being the sick party afterward.”

After Pedal Fest, racers are treated to a free dinner, free beer and a raffle.

“There’s a lot of races where the race is over, and everyone just peaces out,” George said. “This has a good gathering afterward.”

The brothers said they also appreciate the people and the atmosphere surrounding the race.

“The people here are really nice,” Bart said. “It’s different than Jackson. Jackson people can be a little stuffy.”

“People aren’t taking themselves that seriously,” George added.

Additionally, the Flynns said they enjoyed the course, and while Pedal Fest is the only Idaho race they consistently participate in, they often make the trip to Pocatello to ride the trails, particularly in the spring.

“It’s a true mountain bike course,” Bart said.

All the proceeds from Pedal Fest go toward the Pocatello trail system. According the race’s website, their mission is to “provide resources (money and labor) to help promote, maintain, and improve all trails in the greater Pocatello area,” and their vision is for “all community members to have ample opportunity to participate in a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable outdoor recreational lifestyle through the use of a safe and well-maintained Pocatello trail system.”

In the past, proceeds from the race have gone toward purchasing new signs for the trails and a bike bridge for the Portneuf Health Complex bike park.

Amber Tingey, who was the first overall female finisher with a time of 3:00:52, also took home $500, said she too enjoys Pedal Fest because of the course.

“I love the trails here, and it’s fun every year,” she said. “It’s just fun.”

Tingey said she has been mountain biking since she moved to Pocatello 11 years ago but has only been racing for five years.

“I’m a competitive person, so I figured I had put in all this time biking, I might as well see how I do,” Tingey said. “And I love this race, and I love the trails here, so I’ll keep doing it as long as they have it.”

According to Corey Wight, a communications director for the race, there were about 120 participants this year, including around 40 competitors from out of state and around 60 competitors from Pocatello.

The race features an Open Pro class that is 27 miles, an Expert class that is 27 miles, a Sport class that is 17 miles, a Beginner class that is 12 miles and a Junior class that is 3 miles. The top three male and female finishers in the open class received cash prizes, and the male and female finishers within each age group received medals.