Mountain lion paw prints found in South Pocatello yard

A woman in South Pocatello said that she found mountain lion tracks in her yard near Country Club Drive.

POCATELLO — A woman in South Pocatello claims she recently found multiple mountain lion paw prints in her yard.

According to LocalNews8, the paw prints led to the woman’s Koi pond, though it is unknown if the cougar ate any fish in the pond.

LocalNews8 also reported that the woman’s residence is located near Country Club Drive, not far from where a local family encountered a mountain lion in a tree last month. That sighting on Feb. 18 was reported when a local family was walking their dog on nearby Hilo Drive.

According to the family, the cougar was spotted in a cottonwood tree before it jumped onto the ground and ran off. There were no injuries. 

A few weeks before the Feb. 18 encounter, residents reported a mountain lion near Cedar Lake Road.

The area also made headlines last winter, when Fish and Game relocated a mama cat and her four kittens after they made themselves at home among the human residents of the Johnny Creek area.

Jennifer Jackson, regional conservation educator for Idaho Fish and Game, said it is not unusual this time of year to see mountain lions or to find cougar tracks in the snow in areas in Pocatello and outside of city limits. Jackson also said the tracks found in the woman’s yard could belong to the same mountain lion that was spotted on Feb. 18 in the cottonwood tree.

Jackson encourages anybody who encounters a mountain lion near their property to contact Idaho Fish and Game immediately at 208-232-4703.