Wow! It’s already August. I don’t know about you but my life has been passing by in a blur lately. I’ve been flying out for three weeks and home for one week this year and I don’t hardly know what season it is, much less what month it is. With that said, let’s plan out our month so we don’t wake up and see snow outside the window and wonder what happened to our summer.

OK, I’m super busy right now. We just finished my daughter’s wedding, redid the floors throughout the whole house, I have to get in all of my July invoices and I just flew back home Friday. It is Monday and I have to get in this week’s article right fast. What should I do? I’ll tell you what I need to do! I’m going to get this article finished then I’m going to go grab Orin and Josiah and go crappie fishing. Whew! That decision took a lot of stress off of me. Now I can get my focal point on the far wall and breathe deeply. No wait, that’s the Lamaze recommendations when you’re having a baby. But men have a lower pain tolerance; it is almost that painful having not been able to fish for three weeks.

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