The siege of the Capitol was an egregious attack on our democratic government and its elected officials, plain and simple. I think if you viewed the impeachment hearing with an open mind, it would be very difficult to not come to this conclusion. Realizing that both Pence and Romney narrowly escaped lynching is among the numerous disturbing events of the day. How unhinged is Trump to direct an attack of this magnitude on his own party? Reports of Trump being “giddy” as he watched the siege of the Capitol points to his warped mindset and unhinged, erratic behavior. (Why didn’t Pence use the 14th amendment to remove Trump from office?)

I believe the 43 Senate Republicans who voted for acquittal entered the proceedings with closed, corrupted minds. Blind allegiance produced a significant number of “zombie” legislators devoid of conscience, emotion and reason. Unhinged from reality and shame, they took a course to defend a man of sullied mind and character, and acquit him in the face of video substantiated evidence of sedition and insurrection.

I can only hope and pray that refusal to impose accountability does not lead to unhinging of our nation from its precious democracy.

Greg Hegman,

Twin Falls