One of Trump’s latest outbursts is that of a power-hungry, sick and narcissistic person! His “tweet” saying that if he were to be impeached there would be civil war in this country are the words and scare tactics of a fascist dictator, NOT a president! There is enough meaning in those words alone to impeach him and throw him in jail!

He is doing anything and everything to remain in office. Apparently, some folks have not quite figured out Trump’s real intentions and that is to be president (i.e. dictator) for life and he is getting the support he wants from easily led people who continue to wear their “blinders," totally ignoring the facts.

The only possible explanation for this can be is that Trump supporters have one go-to source of information, and that is Trump himself. He tells them what is right or wrong, what is true or what is false, and what is honest news and what is fake news; and they are so gullible and naïve that they believe whatever comes out of his mouth!

He has absolutely NO boundaries and with essentially unwavering Republican support, is doing as he pleases. His sick and law-busting behavior is considered by his supporters to be quite acceptable and just fine, when in fact, corruption, cover-ups, obstruction of justice (10 identified in the Mueller Report alone), numerous violations of the Constitution and his oath of office, and even treason are the routine, everyday modus operandi of Trump and his administration.

And now he is pushing Ukraine, and China, and probably other countries too, to gather “dirt” on his political opponent(s) in order to discredit them and help him remain on his throne. His total abuse of power and widespread corruption is unprecedented by any president.

Watergate was nothing, zilch, nada, zero, compared to what’s happening under Trump! congressional Republicans keep coming up with one cockamamie excuse after another to support Trump, disregarding their sworn oath of office and The Constitution.

What has happened to patriotism, duty, honor, country, honesty and integrity? Trump has brought nothing but many forms of danger, divisiveness, and hate to this country. This is NOT about politics; it’s about saving our country and democracy!

It is way past time for those in Congress who swore to defend the Constitution to start doing their job! If they can’t or will not because they are afraid of retribution from Trump and his regime, don’t have the “guts” to confront his behavior and criminal activity, or for whatever reason, they have decided NOT to do what is right. It’s time to replace them with people who will put the welfare of this nation FIRST and do have the patriotism, duty, honor, honesty and integrity necessary for the job.

Steve Bevan,