During the reluctance of the U.S. Senate to rein in the overthrow of our American Constitution, the devaluation of our ruling branches of government or to cease the building of a King Trump dynasty, I’m appalled by the mousy behavior of certain elected officials of these United States.

To genuflect to a power-crazy Russian sympathizer or agent and friend of V. Putin, I’m sickened to watch our democracy crumble from the lack of protecting their patriotic oaths and to preserve our American values and the Constitution.

The do-nothing politicians should be removed from office in each position of every federal or state office that enables the current “king wanna be” to pursue his kingdom and the destruction of our American freedoms, until we impeach him and all his Russian enablers who spout doing so in the name of a false righteousness behind an agenda of twisted un-American values they use to profess as caring.

We must not allow the degradation of any woman or man to past social and cultural levels of 150 years ago, or any person to be judged by the color of their skin as inferior, or due to our countries diverse religious beliefs.

Americans and others have fought and died in to preserve everyone’s freedom and our humane diverse culture. American values consist of differing beliefs that enable people of any culture to live in simple freedom with the will to exist and not be controlled by power hungry demigods.

Now is the time to stand up as a nation of diversity and stop the dismembering of American freedoms while fighting fascist, racist regimes worldwide. Certain individuals in government are enabling racism, fear and chaos to govern in their place, during the overthrow of the United States of America with the help of Russian and Saudi financial backing.

While the demeaning of freedoms of speech, the press, religion and the normalcies in human diversity are being challenged in our daily interactions, We must NOT stand idly by and do nothing, or we WILL lose all our freedoms in America.

Impeach not only the president but his administration of enablers as well, to save our country, its people, social and religious beliefs and one of the last free societies of the world.

Stop the overthrow of the United States due to the apathy of our governing officials to stand up for us as a nation of one people. They are failing to protect our rights to save our country of freedoms under oath, that are now being attacked through chaos and fear until our human rights are imprisoned in the name of a false king, with a chaotic racist agenda of fear and the backing of foreign blood money. Resist the control of this “soul sucking” evil.

Danny Higgins,