It appears that we (as a Nation) have been tried to our patience end. This point in history where we experience too much continued pain in our daily interactions with “Hate.” Not only as individuals but as a Nation seeking freedom from the oppressions of “fear and chaos,” as it appears to be the driving force of a tyrannical, criminal administration without empathy, compassion or a caring bone in the bloated with greed body of enablers, nodding quietly in darkened rooms so no one can see their evil grinning faces. THE ANTIQUATED PARTY OF REPUBLICAN USURPERS HAS DESTROYED A ONCE RELEVANT PARTY OF POLITICAL BALANCE. The American people have seen corruption take control of most parts of our government. All of us assaulted daily by the racist killings and body count of the innocent from the repeated “national violent extremism” and waring actions that have reared the ugly head of hate, violence and chaos spewing from high capacity weapons nationwide. I am appalled by the inaction of the enablers of the governing party of “YES MEN” who have unleashed a mad dog of a president on a Nation of peaceful human beings. Establish Federal laws against “Domestic Terrorism” now. We refuse to accept this government of oppression and rule it “NULL & VOID” of caring, compassion, empathy, or any feelings for the people of diversity in the United States of America or other peaceful countries and past allies. We despise your entire administration and regret that you will ever be listed anywhere in our history books, in anyone’s future. You are the eater of souls and harvesters of hate, chaos and fear. You are irrelevant to our Nation from this point on. I am requesting your “Twitter” account be closed and the beginning to your IMPEACHMENT BY THE PEOPLE to begin. We apologize to all the nations in the world that have taken abuse by the Criminal Trump Association and his old world republican enablers. Please forgive us for taking so long to depose him. The people of the United States of America are sorrier than you can ever know. Given the strength of our remaining American businesses, cultural values, the Constitution and our steadfast belief that every person has a right to exist and be counted as relevant and special in the eyes of all religious beliefs, we resist hate. We turn our backs on this President as merely a criminal enterprise supported by “Old dogs of War and the Party of Obstructionists”, intent on degrading our society to another form of their patterned slavery of mind, body and a false belief that nothing can stop their onslaught. It’s time to guard and take back our patriotic souls and cities in the United States of America, from the control of “Hate, Evil, Racism, Fear and Chaos”, to save our children from further oppression, murder and any future detention camps of Americans that now seem close to a reality as our National Citizenship Rights are being decimated by a vile, corrupt administration of “Social Tyrants”. Resist, join together and vote your hearts for the impeachment of ALL accomplices, enablers and individuals of greed trying to destroy our great Nation and the United States of America.

Danny Higgins,