It appears that followers of the once existing Republican Party have had an epiphany of its true nature and has morphed, also in some Idaho cities, into the silent but deadly “Party of Grim Reapers”. Often remaining silent, as their response in the face of murderous racism from fanatical right wing fascists by the murdering of innocent men, women and children because they are a different nationality or belief. Or even if they aren’t white enough for Supremacists. We as once a free Nation, have become victims of an abusive administration and the armed racists allowed to be the hidden army, which has attacked peace, love and human diversity in our schools, churches, shopping centers, bars and even openly at any social street gathering in America. The silence of our social leaders (elected or not) is only an affirmation of agreement to the current National racist administration as it disables city and state governments during their silence, as they watch the slayings across the Nation and the Senate does nothing. As local populations are thrown into the street or under the bus by County officials seeking larger budgets by squeezing blood out of citizens of limited incomes, those trapped by low paying jobs, lacking insurance of any kind and limited to only 24 hours a day to work in. We, as taxpayers in Pocatello, have been duped by current government administrations to have faith in elected officials who in the past have been true to a caring nature and their word. This caring for each other has changed locally and nationally. It seems that as Americans, we’ve been intravenously hooked up financially to the wish list of the fanatical Grim Reaper Party and are once again slaves to the money owners while their control grows due to a do nothing Senate that maintains a chokehold on working Americans. Locally large populations have been or will be displaced, as rental properties become too costly to pay for due to radical taxing by the “current” County and State crew of local “Grim Reapers”. Families on the edge of surviving with minimum wage or low paying jobs, not enough full time or only part time jobs available, are stretched to the limits of remaining in Bannock County. As their homes will be taken away by over taxation and an antiquated “per foot” rated property evaluation that is discriminatory as an “all property is in the same value system of overestimated”, whether it was built recently or 100 years ago. The budget is only as small or large as can be squeezed out of the working or retired in this county, while the local City council sees an opportunity to milk the public by voting in their own pay raises in the past, while so many people can barely pay their water bills, blatantly shows their disregard for ”John Q. Public”. Here’s a thought, don’t wear items that need to be dry cleaned to save money at your expense and billing tax payers. You need to pay your own way as everyone else does daily. There will always be those in charge that want social tax paying slaves to make their lives easier and budgets larger. But maybe they need to notice the current social collapse approaching, as we stare down the barrel of social and real weapons of a racist ideology aimed at our diverse society, as the swamp in Washington D.C. and locally in Idaho grows larger under the uncovered racist National Party of Grim Reapers and the Pandemic of ALL the enablers. By the County and State representatives simply saying “We did everything right, and now the tax debate is over” settles nothing for the voting public. As public disapproval of those in charge have shown their incompetence to us, another swamp is growing in Idaho politics and our feet are getting wetter. Find a different funding source or lose citizens as they sell homes to move.

Danny Higgins,